Dr. Jessica Reed’s Focus

I take a friendly and warm approach to my practice and patients. Pain is a fact of life and everyone will experience it–whether it is neck, mid-or low-back pain or headaches, to mention just a few. My job is to help my patients understand the role lifestyle has in bringing about life-altering pain events. Once patients understand the role chronic stress, less-than-optimal nutrition or lack of movement can have on their bodies, we can work together to change the environment in which they exist. That, combined with spinal adjustments, soft-tissue therapy, nutritional counselling and exercise prescription, should help patients take their lives in a healthier direction. I live for those moments when a patient tells me they can focus at work longer because their headaches are gone, or that they can return to a beloved activity because their back pain has improved. Overall, my job is to help my patients live the healthiest, fullest lives they can possibly have!

Dr. Jessica Reed’s Philosophy on Health

“Progress, not perfection”. We can make choices every minute of every day to improve our health and lifestyle. Seemingly small, incremental changes can add up to a much healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Jessica Reed’s Specializations and Interests

I have always known I wanted to focus on a women-specific practice. My favourite patients in my clinic year at college were the women who came to realize that they really wanted to make permanent, life-changing decisions about their health. Essentially they had finished raising their families and wanted to focus on their own health. I see many people who fit that category now but I also like to plant the seed of “self-care” in women who may be in college or university or in their early working years. I also like to help women with young children learn that putting their own health on the front burner rather than the back burner is crucial to their present and future well-being. 

Dr. Jessica Reed’s Life Priorities

I lead an active lifestyle filled with running, hiking and weightlifting, followed by cooking to refuel. In my free time, I enjoy gardening and reading chiropractic articles, always striving to better serve my patients in the office by applying what I learn from my hobbies. My source of spiritual inspiration comes from our church’s weekly sermons. Let me put it this way: my priorities are family, fitness, fun and laughter!

Fun Facts About Dr. Jessica Reed

  • I travelled overland through the UK as well as Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and India during a gap year between university and chiropractic college.
  • I like to talk my patients through everything that I do so there are NO SURPRISES during exams or treatments! 
  • I was first adjusted when I was a year old.
  • I decided to be a chiropractor when I was twelve years old. My uncle, cousin, father-in-law, husband, brother- and sister -in-law were or are all chiropractors. You could say it’s our way of life!
  • I made the front page of the sport section of the Ottawa Citizen once (spoiler alert–I missed the penalty kick!)
  • I received a citizenship award at the Governor General’s residence in high school.

What Dr. Jessica Loves About The Wellhouse

I love the bright airy feel of our clinic. I love the warm wood accents and light walls. I love our friendly and professional staff. We have worked hard to hire the right people to greet you at the front desk and walk you through your healing experience at The Wellhouse. The same goes for the professionals that we have chosen to work with at The Wellhouse. It is important to have an excellent working relationship with the people with whom we spend our working days and more importantly with the people with whom we entrust our patients’ care. I especially love working with our patients. Over the last eighteen years that my husband and I have worked as chiropractors, we have developed excellent relationships with our patients and as time has gone on their families. It is a wonderful thing to witness people we met as children grow up and bring in children and partners of their own. It’s also gratifying to help usher adults we’ve known for years into their vibrant retirement lives. We’ve witnessed our patients walk through all of life’s milestones and it’s been an honour to accompany them through these significant events. I love helping them navigate through life’s challenges with chiropractic care.

Education and Credentials

  • BA/BPHE Queen’s University, 1999
  • Doctor of Chiropractic Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 2004
  • Additional continuing education and coursework includes:
    • Gait: The Top-Down Bottom-Up Approach (2023)
    • Shoulder Solution (2023)
    • Chiropractic Checkup from the Neck Up (2023)
    • From Knowing to Doing: Leading the Way for Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility (2022)
    • I Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital Son (Indigenous Cultural Safety Course 2021)
    • Impulse Adjusting Technique: Extremities Module (2019)
    • Orthopedic Physical Assessment with Special Tests: Thoracic and Lumbar Spine (2019)
    • Impulse Adjusting System Seminars Spine Module (2018)

Professional Affiliations

College of Chiropractors of British Columbia