Dr. Jake Deeble’s Philosophy on Health

My philosophy on health is that it is highly individualized and will look different for each person. Health is what allows us to be able to comfortably engage in the activities that brings us true joy and happiness. It is a complex interwoven picture of physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects that all play an integral role. My philosophy is that regardless of how you define health for yourself, it is best managed through small, but consistent actions that establish those everyday healthy habits. 

Dr. Jake Deeble’s Specializations and Interests

Patient-centered chiropractic care prioritizes the individual’s needs and preferences, ensuring their well-being is at the forefront of every decision. By employing a comprehensive full-body physical exam, I can accurately assess a patient’s needs and tailor my treatment accordingly. I believe that by educating my patients they are empowered to actively participate in their own healing process, fostering a sense of ownership and understanding. I strive for transparency with my patients to ensure mutual understanding of goals and expectations. Together, these elements create a holistic approach to chiropractic care that not only addresses physical ailments but also promotes overall health and wellness.

By using methods such as Graston and Active Release Technique, alongside manual and instrument assisted adjusting, I target the musculoskeletal system as a whole to provide in-depth and long lasting care.

Dr. Jake Deeble’s Life Priorities

Family is at the heart of everything I do. They provide support and love that fuel my passion for a balanced lifestyle. I am committed to healthy living, regular exercise and having fun! Being active, spending time outdoors and with my family is essential, as they invigorate my spirit, keep me fit, and allow me to stay connected to the things I love most.

Fun Facts About Dr. Jake Deeble

Growing up I played a wide variety of sports. I played hockey, football, baseball, was into mountain biking, snowboarding, I was a provincial champion in lacrosse and played rugby at the University of Lethbridge. To this day I still enjoy being as active as possible. 

I created and competed in a triathlon while in chiropractic school that we called The Iron Dad. The race which started in Washington state and ended in Oregon state had the tag line of “3 events, 2 states, 1 champion”. It should probably be said that I was not the champion. 

As an avid outdoorsman I love to spend my time hunting and fishing. Some of my fondest memories are the times I’ve spent in the pursuit of wild game and wild places. 

What Dr. Jake Deeble Loves About The Wellhouse

I love the amazing staff and team here at The Wellhouse! They are dedicated, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. As a chiropractor I love that we focus not only on acute care but prevention and wellness. I love seeing how simple, consistent care can make such an impact in people’s lives!

Education and Credentials

  • AES Geomatics Engineering, Lethbridge College, 2014
  • BSc Human Biology, University of Western States, 2020
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic, University of Western States, 2022
  • Additional Continuing education and coursework include:
  • ICPA: Webster Technique
  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Chronic Lumbar Disc Assessment and Management 
  • Joint Ventures: Understanding Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis