Helping You and Your Family At Every Stage of Life

We specialize in helping families attain their optimal well-being. Welcome to your family chiropractic centre—serving Vancouver Island residents for over 18 years.


We offer chiropractic care and integrated therapies for everyone—from babies to baby boomers.

Holistic Approach

We believe in treating patients holistically, considering more than just their symptoms.

Comfortable clinic

Our clinic is cozy, with a caring reception team, a designated kid’s area, and quiet, spacious treatment rooms.

Experienced Team

The clinic’s founders, doctors & practitioners have a long history of promoting optimal health for Nanaimo families.

At The Wellhouse, we have a story deeply rooted in passion and care for others.

Our founders, Drs. Glen and Jessica Reed, saw the life-changing effects of chiropractic care early on, witnessing its positive impact in their friends and family’s clinics growing up.

That passion and experience inspired them to open the Reed Family Wellness Centre in 2005, with a philosophy that focuses on proper body function and a nurturing environment for the whole family. As the practice grew, they wanted to do more to support their community’s health.

Their vision was to create a wellness centre where various integrated therapies would come together under one roof. In January 2016, they brought this vision fully to life as The Wellhouse, a full-featured clinic located at the corner of Norwell Road and the Island Highway.

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Our mission

Serving Your Entire Family

Our support for you and your loved ones knows no bounds. We provide the highest quality of care for all our patients and never discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, sexual orientation, gender, marital or family status, disability, age, religion or political belief.

From pediatric care to maternity and geriatric services, we support well-being at all life stages. We aim to offer a safe and welcoming setting where you can safely explore your health and wellness needs.

Our team of healthcare professionals, ranging from naturopathic physicians to registered massage therapists, are here to help you reach your highest potential. We offer personalized programs that combine traditional and holistic modalities tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

our wellness model

What Our Family Chiropractic Clinic Offers

Today, we’re proud to offer more than just chiropractic care. Our team comprises registered massage therapists, custom orthotics experts, acupuncturists, and naturopathic doctors, all working together to provide the best possible care for you and your whole family.

At The Wellhouse, we’re committed to helping you cultivate healthy habits that will positively impact your life. Together, we’ll create an individualized plan that addresses your unique needs and lifestyle, empowering you to live a life full of vitality, balance, and positivity.

our founders & team

Meet Drs. Reed

Dr. Jessica and Dr. Glen Reed are a married couple who run The Wellhouse in Nanaimo, offering chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and naturopathic services. Dr. Glen saw the life-changing effects growing up in his family’s clinic & Dr. Jessica was inspired to become a chiropractor at age 12 when she visited her father’s best friend’s office. The couple later met in the anatomy lab during chiropractic college and eventually decided to open their own practice together (after falling in love, of course!). They believe in the importance of movement and exercise for overall health and well-being and aim to create a hub for healthy families in their community.

How Chiropractic Works

Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

Chiropractic utilizes manual techniques to assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent conditions related to the neurological, muscular, and skeletal systems without the use of medication.

We understand how excruciating the discomfort from neck or back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries, and overuse injuries can be, and we have extensive experience to help you.

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Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that not only alleviates your pain but also educates you on its underlying causes and how to prevent it in the future.

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See How We Can Help With Your Concerns

Many of the conditions we treat stem from long-term stressors such as poor workplace postures, aberrant movement, poor nutrition, or mental/emotional stress. Our team aims to provide you with the tools and education to manage these stressors healthily so that your body can function optimally and maintain a pain-free state.

Come In and Meet Our Supportive and Friendly Staff

We invite you to be part of our practice and experience the power of integrative healthcare

Ethical and Proven Chiropractic Care

At the heart of who we are is a commitment to compassionate and ethical care. We strive to provide patient-centred care, which means we discuss a broad range of treatment options to inspire an active life. We believe in patient education and informed consent.