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Health For The Entire You.

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Eat Well.

Fuel the machine.

The Chiropractors and Naturopathic Physicians at The Wellhouse are keen to point out that this is the easiest area for many of us to start making little changes back to a healthier lifestyle.  With current overweight and obesity rates reaching more than 20%, Type II diabetes increasing in its prevalence by 72% over the past 10 years, and over 1.6 million Canadians currently living with heart disease, we can’t think of a more important topic to cover with our patients.  

Improvements in nutrition can affect all areas of your life from increased focus at work, to increased energy for your family, or the addition of healthy and active years to your life.  If you’re ready to improve your health and wellness we’re here to help.

Monthly open Nutrition courses led by our Chiropractic team are free to current patients of The Wellhouse and open for drop in with a donation to the local food bank.  ***courses suspended during COVID-19***

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Move Well.

Feel your best.

You need to move! Your ability to move is as important as drinking and breathing. In your earliest years you first learned to move by rolling, crawling, climbing, walking, and running.  And remember how easy it was.  Picture a child who is completely comfortable in a full squatting position – so comfortable, so easy, so perfect!  This is how our bodies are meant to move, effortlessly and without thought or constraint.

Most of us start to lose this optimal movement during the school years, when we begin to spend our days sitting to learn, sitting to watch TV, and sitting to travel. This sitting habit is later fully developed for most of us in the workplace environment.

Can we get back to the movement of our childhood years? Absolutely!

And is it worth the time and energy?  Well, you can decide that.  Here is a list of a few benefits you will notice after increasing your movement health:

  • Less pain during normal daily movements such as getting out of bed or putting on your socks.
  • Less chance of injury during your normal daily activities
  • Increased energy throughout your daily activities
  • Reduced body fat
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer
  • Increased attention and focus at work
  • Ability to keep up with your children (well, almost keep up with your children)

To help you start adding movement back into your daily routine, the professionals at The Wellhouse will suggest many options.  Whatever you choose, the goal is simple – get out there and move!

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Think Well.

Young at heart, body and soul.

Just as staying physically active is important for healthy bones, muscles, and organs such as our heart, mental health allows us to enjoy our life, environment, and the people within it.  We are more likely to be learn and grow, be creative, and take risks.  We are better able to cope with stressors that will arise in our professional and personal lives.  We feel deeper emotions and are more able to express them, leading to improved and more rewarding relationships with our loved ones.

With all of these benefits we feel it is worth just as much time focusing on our mental health as it is on our physical health.

At The Wellhouse, you will learn about many options for improving your overall mental fitness.

Acupuncture treatments offer our patients assistance in calming the internal environment physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In addition we have an extensive referral network of Registered Clinical Counsellors who can provide focused work on a one-to-one basis or with the family unit to provide skills and strategies for more optimal mental wellness.

Have you checked out the Online Knowledge Centre?

Articles, videos and information on this subject awaits.

Over the years our team has compiled a variety of resources and information that we make readily available for you to peruse and dig into so you can self educate on the subjects that are of interest to you. We add to this area weekly so be sure to check back routinely.

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