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Benefits of this course

  • Learn how to reduce inflammation and improve quality of life with The Wellhouse’s free online course!
  • Get a better understanding of inflammation, its potential to cause harm, and common causes.
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of inflammation, and utilize relevant tests for diagnosis.
  • Review nutrition recommendations, including anti-inflammatory foods to incorporate into diet as well as inflammatory foods to avoid.
  • Discover the ways chiropractic care can help manage inflammation, from spinal adjustments to lifestyle modifications.
  • Explore the connection between stress and inflammation, as well as stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga.

About us

At The Wellhouse, we have a story deeply rooted in passion and care for families

At our clinic, we believe that feeling your best is the first step to the best life possible. That’s why we’re all about compassionate care and taking a full-circle approach to your well-being.

What does that mean? It means we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your health. We don’t just treat your physical pain — we dig deep to understand what’s causing it so we can help prevent it in the future. And with our team of experts by your side, including Chiropractors, Naturopathic Physicians, and Registered Massage Therapists, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

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Our approach is all about YOU—your unique needs, your unique concerns, and your unique journey to wellness. By factoring in everything from mental and emotional health to nutrition and stress levels, we develop a comprehensive care plan that’s tailored to your exact needs.

But we don’t just stop at relieving pain. By helping you reduce stress and improve mental and emotional health, we transform the way you feel — and the way you live. And with better workplace satisfaction and productivity, plus better quality time spent with family and loved ones, you’ll be amazed at how much better life can be.

So join our family-focused clinic in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and experience compassionate, ethical care like never before.

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