Inside Out Healing

Hello, my friends! It’s another beautiful Monday morning, and I’m excited to share a little story with you that will help us talk about where true health comes from.

A few days ago, I took a walk with my kids. Unfortunately, I slipped, fell, and broke my finger. Not the most exciting story, but what happened afterward was quite special. My break was a bit complicated, so the ER department sent me off to a surgeon. The surgeon decided to put three surgical pins in my finger. To prevent infection, he wrapped my finger in antibacterial gauze. Then, they gave me this awkward yet helpful handy splint to keep my finger safe and still. They even sent me home with some powerful painkillers.

While I got excellent care at the hospital, I want to clarify something: none of that is health care. Let me explain why by sharing an experiment I did. A couple of days after breaking my finger, I broke a chicken bone. I treated that chicken bone exactly as my finger was treated. I drilled in some finishing nails (our version of surgical pins), applied antiseptic, wrapped it in gauze, and let it rest. But here’s the thing – that chicken bone isn’t going to heal. When I unwrap it, it will crumble into pieces, while my finger will, hopefully, be perfectly fine.

Why is that? They received the same treatment. The answer lies in the innate intelligence of our bodies. The treatment doesn’t heal us. It’s our bodies that do the healing. Without that innate intelligence, like the chicken bone, nothing happens, no matter how fancy the surgery or medication is. That’s what the true healthcare system is. It’s not about the treatments we receive but about the natural healing capacity of our bodies.

So, the next time you think about health care, remember this story. The true healthcare system is within us, and our bodies are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. Here’s to a wonderful week ahead filled with health and happiness!