Healthy Holidays

Good morning everyone, Dr. Glen here with your Monday Morning Motivation! We’re less than a month away from the holidays, and you can already feel the festive buzz in the air. But amidst all the excitement, we often forget to discuss one crucial aspect – staying healthy during the holiday season.

It’s not about maintaining or losing weight during this time; rather, it’s about focusing on good health because when we’re healthy, everything else falls into place. We don’t feel fatigued or tired during the holidays, but instead, we’re full of energy to enjoy the festivities. So, let’s dive into five tips on how to stay healthy!

1. Eat Well: Probably the most important tip is to eat lots of healthy food continuously for the next four weeks. Fill up on good stuff first, so when you’re tempted by holiday goodies, you can enjoy them without overindulging.

2. Stay Hydrated: Pre-drink lots of water before going out to engagements. Staying hydrated helps you enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail without needing to quench your thirst excessively.

3. Plan Ahead: Pre-plan your days knowing where your struggles might come from. If you know you’re going to indulge in some holiday treats (like my mom’s pumpkin pie), plan your other meals to be healthier.

4. Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is like a bank. You can store it up and deplete it, but refilling it takes time. With the late nights and early mornings of the holiday season, make sure you’re banking a few extra hours of sleep whenever possible.

Why Exercise?

As the holiday season comes around, it’s easy to let our fitness routines take a backseat, but maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial, even during these festive times. Exercise isn’t just about weight control. It’s about creating a healthier, happier you. Regular physical activity can help combat health conditions and diseases, improve mood and energy levels, and even boost self-esteem. Plus, it strengthens your heart and improves circulation, raising oxygen levels in your body.

Exercise as a Social Activity

One way to incorporate exercise into your holidays is to make it a social activity. Instead of catching up with friends over food and drinks, why not go for a long run or a bike ride together? This way, you get to enjoy the company of your loved ones while also staying active. Remember, social activities don’t always have to revolve around food and drinks.

Be the Healthy Person

Finally, I want to leave you with this thought: Be the person who chooses healthy activities and foods, not just during the holidays but every day. Start shifting your mindset by repeating affirmations like “I’m healthy” or “I always make health-conscious choices.” This creates a sense of accountability and helps you stay committed to your health goals.

Remember, the holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration, not a time for stress and unhealthy habits. Let’s aim to stay healthy and enjoy the festivities! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.