Common vs Normal vs Healthy

Good morning, everyone! Dr. Glen here with another round of Monday Morning Motivation. I’m thrilled by the numerous responses I received to last week’s video on refined sugars and Halloween candy. It’s heartening to see that none of you questioned the damaging effects of sugar on our bodies, particularly our children’s.

Much of your feedback revolved around parental decision-making. How can we let our kids feel left out when all their peers are enjoying Halloween candy? How do we navigate them feeling different at school or home? The common thread in these concerns is the struggle between what’s ‘normal’ and what’s healthy.

Here’s my take on it: I don’t want to be ‘normal’ or ‘common’ if it means making unhealthy choices. In North America, the ‘normal’ health picture is grim. About 49% of us will have heart disease, 39% will have cancer, 36% will develop type 2 diabetes, over 30% will face obesity-related issues, and 10% of our children will struggle with depression and anxiety.

Following the ‘normal’ path also means losing an average of 10-12 years of our active lives due to chronic diseases. I don’t want my children or myself to become part of these statistics. We need to chart a different course.

While I can’t pinpoint exactly what this alternative path looks like, I can tell you that it involves unconventional decisions. It’s not about fearing that a single piece of Halloween candy will cause autism or obesity. It’s about recognizing that our collective habits and decisions contribute to our overall health outcomes.

This is why it’s crucial to make informed choices based on research and professional advice. Talk to healthcare professionals about non-standard actions you’re considering for your family’s health. Don’t be afraid of making ‘weird and wacky’ health decisions if they’re backed by solid reasoning.

I hope this gives you some confidence in making unconventional health choices for your family. If you have any questions or need more advice, feel free to email me here. Have a great week!