Family Health

From Babies to Boomers.

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Healthy Beginnings.

A healthy start and support for mom and baby.

Our focus at The Wellhouse revolves around developing health for all stages of life. This starts with caring for mom during her pregnancy and helping the family to welcome baby into the world in the healthiest way possible. Today, children are faced with an abundance of  toxins, pollutants and stressors that may negatively impact their normal growth and development. Our goal is to help ensure proper neurological and growth bench marks are met during childhood, youth, and adolescence. This could include monitoring things like crawling, walking, sucking reflex, latching, and ranges of motion of the spine. It is much easier to prevent a problem from occurring and raising healthy, functional children, rather than putting the time into fixing broken adults. 

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Fit 40’s.

Feel your best.

As we enter adulthood our bodies face many unnatural and unhealthy stresses that can lead to symptoms and illness. Many times we fail to recognize the early warning signs of a problem in our bodies until it blows up on us. This can be an un-easy time as we realize the effects that our decisions have made on our health.We are here to help you navigate through the falls and struggles throughout adulthood so that you can enjoy the life you’ve created. Our special team engages people in the true health care journey, where doctor and patient work together towards the common goal of experiencing life to its fullest potential. We believe this is the time of your life where your body should shine and show its resilience and awesome power to heal and adapt. Our unique, whole body approach to care incorporates all aspects of health and wellness to ensure that any problems you have not only resolve themselves naturally, but are less likely to return in the future. 

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Aging Well.

Young at heart, body and soul.

It is our belief that aging doesn’t have to mean limitations on your body’s ability to move and be healthy. We are here to help you understand the aging process and to keep you active, healthy, and happy. Living in this beautiful part of the world, we want to help all of our practice members be able to get out, enjoy and explore. Our multiple health care provider approach ensures that all aspects of an individual’s health are met. Altered techniques take into consideration the potential effects of aging such as bone density loss, arthritis, past surgical interventions, and other conditions you may have. Our providers use gentle yet effective techniques that are individually catered to you and your body’s needs. Our team is here to help you enjoy the process and help keep you moving and feeling good for the rest of your life.

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Over the years our team has compiled a variety of resources and information that we make readily available for you to peruse and dig into so you can self educate on the subjects that are of interest to you. We add to this area weekly so be sure to check back routinely.

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