Corporate Wellness

Healthy Staff = Healthy Business.

The Wellhouse offers a Corporate Sponsorship Wellness Transitions Program that is focused 100% on the health and wellness of your employees in an effort to improve the health and wellness of your business.

Our new and improved wellness program, Corporate Health Transitions, is perhaps our greatest achievement to date.  We’ve taken a system that has improved the health and wellness of thousands of individuals in our clinic and created a model that works in an office/community setting.  We are excited to bring this new health and wellness system to you!

As you review the details of our new Corporate Health Transitions Program, we are certain the benefits to your business and your employees will be apparent.  We hope you decide to help us initiate a great shift in Nanaimo; a shift that will affect the health and wellness of your business, your employees, and our community as a whole!

woman experiencing sciatica pain while sitting at work desk

Our new and improved Wellness Program, Corporate Health Transitions, is perhaps our greatest achievement to date.” Dr. Glen Reed

Dr. Glen Reed

Lead Practitioner, Chiropractor

What we offer.

Wellness Seminars

Foundational to the Corporate Health Transitions program is our Lunch and Learns. These informative sessions are offered quarterly and provide you and your employees with key insights into a wellness lifestyle. They also keep your employees motivated and active in the Corporate Health Transitions program, provide a time to set and review individual health and wellness goals, and nurture a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace team.

Foundational Lunch and Learn Topics include: 

Wellness 101:  An overview of key health and wellness concepts are presented in an engaging style with a focus on encouragement and motivation to lead into following lunch and learn sessions.

Nutrients We Thrive On:  A very complex and confusing topic is simplified with easy-to-implement strategies to improve your health as well as your employees.

Moving Motivations:  The physiological need for exercise is discussed and a plethora of methods for implementing healthy exercise into a busy schedule is provided.

Think Well:  In this critical lunch and learn topic, your employees are educated on the physical effects of stress. We discuss methods for recognizing unhealthy stress and how each personality type is best suited to deal with stress. The focus is on creating a workforce that is enthusiastically engaged in their work and each other.

Supplemental Lunch and Learn Topics Include:  Health and Wellness Goal Setting, Family Health Concepts, Food Transitions, Deep Sleep, Starting to Move, Finding your Energy, Alternative Healthcare Options, Genetics: Is our Health Pre-Programmed?, Aging Fit Health and Well, Workout at the Workplace, Lunchbox Lessons, and Beating Back Pain.


Extended Benefits Plans

As corporate partners your employees will be able to access the Wellhouse services with the many advantages. Please talk to Dr. Glen for more details.

Weekly Wellness Tips

Health and Wellness is a daily lifestyle choice.  In order to keep your employees motivated toward better health, Dr. Reed will share his weekly wellness tips with your employees. These tips are simple reminders, cues, and motivations to provide your employees with constant encouragement towards a healthy lifestyle. Delivered weekly to your employees’ inbox, these motivating health tips will begin to shift your employees minds from the weekend to the workplace with healthy living concepts. Employees will start their week with drive and ambition towards a healthier, more productive career and life.


Streamlined WorkSafe BC Process

As part of our Corporate Wellness Transitions Program you have access to our Direct Health Link service where you are kept informed of employee progress.  You will also have direct input into return-to-work procedures.  This service ensures that you can plan appropriately for any missed employee days, that these missed days are kept to a minimum, and that your employees return to work as soon as possible.


Health Assessments and Individual Wellness Plans

Any test that determines the presence or absence of pain, sickness and disease is of little use in the evaluation of health and wellness. For this reason, Dr. Reed has created a true wellness assessment protocol.  This unique protocol assesses factors such as nutritional health, stress status, postural health, neurological function, heart rate variability, and more.  As a member of our Corporate Health Transitions Family you and your employees are eligible for this assessment at our modern, spacious and comfortable office at Norwell and the Island Highway.

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