Yoga Therapy

About Yoga Therapy in Nanaimo:

Yoga Therapy is very different from what the West knows as “yoga”. Most know yoga as an asana-based (physical) practice with a change to savasana at the end (rest/corpse pose).

In contrast, Yoga Therapy uses the panca maya kosa model that looks at the person holistically, from the gross to subtle body.

The practice adapts many newer techniques and corrective movements from physiotherapists and kinesiologists that support the physical body. We also use breathing exercises (pranayam) to deepen the practice in ways that support the client. This is helpful for a wide range of conditions.

We try to bring the client’s awareness into their body’s sensations, thought patterns and feelings, typically through meditation.


Please note that classes below end December 17th. Stay tuned for a new class schedule as we approach the New Year!

Sasha Rochon

Mindbody Practitioner

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